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Stockholm, Sweden

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I had a little girls boot camp last month. It’s for me-the broken hearted, since my uk visa application was rejected. So, rather than crying over the spilled milk, we went to see Stockholm.

The trip started out a little rough. Our flixbus journey was delayed almost 4 hours. The driver said it was because there’s an accident in Germany that caused long traffic. I slept through the night journey, hoping everything would come to place in the next day.

The bus terminal was a little like one in Oslo. So it was easy to navigate. We walked through Den Gamla Stran, rested at Stortoget, saw Nobel Museum, Kungliga Slotet, Storkyrkan, towards Södermalm where our hostels was located.

The next day we went to see The Vasa Museet, probably the best viking museum in whole scandinavia, and Skansen, my favourite open air museum. We paid 130 SEK for Vasa Museet and 180 SEK for Skansen. They were about the same prices in Copenhagen, but they were amazing places. So, they worth the kroner!

The last day we had a short “metro” tour. It was a trip to see some metro stations, just like what I did in Paris. In all, I love the city. Almost as I love Copenhagen. almost.

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