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Shopping in Milan, Italy

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If money could buy happiness, I bet Milan is the best place to go. 😉 ❤

Before I flew to Milan, I followed the unwritten rules to contact all my italian friends to “hand-wave” them that I am going there. Interestingly, both said they had never spent time in Milan to be able to give any recommendation for me. In fact, one of them actually said that I wont like the city, that it’s different than any other city in Italy, so.. and so… Made me even more curious.

I am here. And I understand what they said. It was not really a bad thing. But this city is really a place of consumerism. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II for example, geez, what is that place? Louis Vuitton boutique, among others, take famous paintings,  paint them on handbags and sell them for 2100-2400 Euros. I feel like I am a jetset girl just by standing in the middle of these stores. But, I didnot shop there. I did shop in several other stores that wont make my bank account drained in one purchase. and if you were like me, you could always go to Decathlon, Zara, Tezenis, Mango, Bershka, H&M, Calzedonia, and many others. Dont worry, you could still shop eventhough you couldnot afford LV. 😀

I explore more of the city in the afternoon and find that everywhere is shopping street. Either you walk to the left or to the right, you will most likely end up into a shopping streets. That’s not to mention department stores. I passed by what I assumed to be Armani’s store. I had no idea how much money these girls were going to spend, but look, the line was crazy long! I guess that’s a dedication, huh? Anyway… bring your fat wallet if you were about to Milan. You might buy some happiness here.

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