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Milan, Italy

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It was just a weekend trip to Milan, but it was really nice. They said you’ll meet yourself when you travel. I have to add:  you’ll meet yourself when you travel, alone.

First thing on my walking route was Bosco Verticale. It was just an apartment building which grew big plants to make it look like forest. A very refreshing sight in a modern city.

Then the route took me to an old arena (used to be a stadium). I walked around it and came in to a square. It was Sforzesco Castle square at Piazza Castello. Right in front of it Decathlon! 😉 Shopping time.


After shopping I had spaghetti for lunch and continued straight toward Duomo di Milan, a stunning grand cathedral in center of Milan. Then, of course, I just turned left to see the massive Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

I went to see Milan’s canal the next day. Actually I didnot know that Milan has a canal until I browsed Navigli area. It was a vibrant area packed with tourists. I had amazing pizza there. And while walking along the canal, I had delicious gelato with me.

There after, I went to two churches. I missed the last supper original painting 😦 I could not get the ticket. It was like when I went to Rome and had Sistine Chapel closed. bummer. But aside from that, Milan was just a lovely city to visit.

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