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Coming from Indonesia and living in Denmark, I dont have the previlige to enjoy subway sandwiches. Therefore everytime I travel, aside from trying local cuisine, I always try to stop by to enjoy one or two 30-cm subway sandwiches.

I dont know how you like your sandwiches. But my favourite is the oregano and cheese buns with meat topping as my mood. Sometime I dare to try something new. Someother time (read: when I am super hungry), I’ll just order the safe chicken terriyaki or spicy italian. I always answer “all vegetables please”. And as my friend put it, the waitress always waits for “except for a, b, etc”. But, of course not, I want all the vegetables please. 😀

Oh, I hate it when I get “the stare”. I mean, what is the problem? I am allowed to ask for ALL vegetables, am I not? And I dont like your chip cookie or small doritos. No offense. Anyway… I’ll be right back, my yummy sandwich is waiting 😉

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