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I had the luxury of a fine dining couple of weeks ago in a hipster place called Gro spiseri – ØsterGro.

Located at the rooftop of Æbeløgade 4, 2100 København Ø, we were awed by beautiful garden in front of the small look-alike green house where the dining place is. They offered different dining menu each month consisting of 5 course meal and 1 dessert. And an optional juice or wine menu to go with the food.

a half piece of mushroom. The serving was for 2 people. It tasted like heaven.

one sauted romaine lettuce leaf garnished with some “grass” and flowers (the same flowers were on our table vase!). Love the excess juice but too much strange taste from the grass and flowers.

One serving on the photo was for 4 people. It’s a yogurt/sour cream tart with sweet onion flower garnished with water cress and some flowers. I like it. The pastry dough was tasty. The sweeten onion and sour cream brought different feeling. But I was confused why I had it for my third meal.

One of my friends is a vegetarian. So he had different plate for each meal. My plate was the first one with fish roe on top. While he had flowers instead. I forgot what’s underneath. It’s like a savory puree (maybe from fish?). It’s a bit confusing and messy. But it still intriqued me.

This was the half of the last main course. The first picture was the vegetarian version. I missed the other half of this course which is the lamb. Probably I was so eager to eat it that I completely forgot about it. This purple cabbage was the “sauce” to the lamb dish. One serving like that was for two people. It really complimented the lamb.

Lastly, the dessert. It was like a hard shell pastry with sweet cream inside, garnished with chopped herbs, blueberries and sugar dust. Honestly, I didnot really like it. The hard shelf was difficult to cut. And the chopped herbs were not my favourite. They did bring some earthiness. But also some raw plant taste. eck!

It was all for 400kr each person. And the wine menu to go with the food (4-5 glasses, I forgot) was 280kr. It was a nice experience. But maybe I wouldnot go again. A bit too expensive for a teacher’s salary.

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