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Papa Ramen

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Papa Ramen is the second option of ramen place that I would recommend after Ramen to Bííru.

I actually chose the place as a farewell dinner for our friend Campbell. I thought the best place to send someone to a new journey is a place where we could experience a lot of flavor.

Located in Skydebanegade 16, København V, this place is close to the city center. So close that you need to be ready to not get any seat as the place is very very tiny. The flavor, though, is not so tiny. Ramen portion (bowl size), presentation and ingredients are nice. But it IS salty. It’s not very spicy for my taste but the overall flavor is good if you could handle the saltiness. The gyoza is dynamite! Super delicious! But unfortunately they are really over priced.

Apology if the pictures are more focusing on faces than food. It was a farewell dinner afterall. I hope you could see a bit of the food there 😉

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