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Smileprints 2018

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2018 by my definition was a crazy year. I think I will find a lot who would think alike. Take the craziness out for a while and let me share with you places that I visited during the year.

Beginning of last year, I visited Iceland with my friend Epri, my fail attempt to see The Northern Lights. Should I nominate this to be the first disappointment in 2018? Maybe. But I rolled like the rich Asians, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, putting mud mask, just because. Though my balance sheet at the end of the year indicated that January was the month where I had minus. Ouchie. 💸

Sliding to March, I went to Kosovo to visit Artë. It was a special trip because I got to see the city where my friend grew up and lived. One of the countries that Indonesia does not recognize. 🙈

Next was Germany, the northern areas, Flensburg and the sinful/shopping city of Neümunster. What’s so special about this trip? Nothing really. It was my first kærestestur though. 🥰

Marina visited me in June. And we went to Sweden. We took a train to Helsingor and jumped to a ferry to Sweden. Yep. Guilty as charged. I went shopping there, embracing the danes’ habit whenever they were there.

Driving across Germany to Poland was my summer roadtrip in July. A short visit to my friend’s place, Yuni in Poznan, which was very nice. And a long drive to the south to see the memorial museum of Nazi Hitler concentration camp in Oświęcim. It was an unforgetable trip. 😢

August was the time when I did my craziest trip of the year which cost me an arm, a leg and half of my kidneys. My brother with his wife and daughter flew to London where we met and started our UK roadtrip. I went to England, Wales and Scotland in one go. Could one’s childhood dream come true? Definitely!

End of November, I had a birthday trip to Northern Cyprus where I needed to stop in Turkey. It was the fanciest trip ever in my life …in an unrecognized land. Crazy rich Asian strikes back! 🕺🏼💃🏻 I went to see the last divided capital city, Nicosia, and crossed over to Cyprus, the southern part of the island.

Last but not least, in December, I took a bus to Germany, to Hamburg and Cologne to join the Christmas markets festivities. 🎄🎁🍷 I spent some quality time too, with my visiting friend from Indonesia, Wilner. It was the best Christmas market experience ever in my life!

Where will I go this year? Dunno. No plan yet.

Where will YOU go this year? Will you go to your childhood dream places too? I hope so! 🤗

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