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Bird Box

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Bird Box is the last movie that I watched in 2018, in Netflix. I was not sure what I was watching since it was my friend who chose the movie. I could recognize Sandra Bullock though, hoping that she would promise me a good movie.

After 5 minutes, I understood that it was sci-fi kinda movie. Yeah, I do not usually read imdb or any movie references. 🙃 The plot was back-and-forth making me stayed on the movie, good strategy, otherwise I would watch and play my phone at the same time. It continued to show some thriller athmosphere due to the fact that the audience would not know who was the antagonist side. The movie also presented babies and children involvement. You, sly! Their names alone aroused curiosity and human connection.

Along the movie, of course, I felt that the movie was a nonsense, a pure child entertainment. But it was catchy nonetheless, displaying perseverence and hope (and impossibilities 😜). I have to give credit to how the movie ended though, which surprisingly not as I expected. Yeah, maybe I am a dum-dum for not being able to forsee it. But it was a movie with a glad end. You could all watch it without worry. 📽🎞

Written by Vallaura

January 4, 2019 at 12:15 PM

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