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The Valentine’s Week

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This is it. This is the week most people have mixed feeling about. The Valentine’s week.

I thought being with someone would solve it all. I thought I will be so peaceful and spend this week with my own version happilly-ever-after. Oh I could have not be more wrong then ever.

Oh the pressure…

As my language of love is gifts. I am horribly-terrified that I would not get gifts hence not loved. I trained myself hard as I trained the dragons to see that it is not necessarilly the case. So, I calmed my nerves down and I bought him a gift. Not for Valentine Day. Not for getting in return. Not for all of that. I gave him a gift because of my self, so I feel good that I am speaking my own language to him by buying him a gift. 💬💬💬

Funny how it turned out that he heard me. He heard me speaking in my language of love. And he bought me a gift in return. Something that I saw in a store but I hesitated to buy for myself. He took it and paid. He said, it’s a gift for you. 🎁

A clothes hanger.

Yes, you saw it right. A clothes hanger.

It’s not something romantic nor something sweet. It’s not a bouquet of roses nor a box of chocolate. It is what it is and it represents communication. It is him listening to me and talking back to me. And I love it more than any gift one could give me.

It is as if we are holding hands walking on a thin ice surface of a frozen lake. It’s scary and we could break it with each step we make. But I will cherish each step we take until we arrived to the end of the lake.

Happy Valentine Week. ❤️

Get your own clothes hanger. Create your own story! 💖

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