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It’s kinda a must, isn’t it? to write our experience during this corona virus 19 pandemic. After all, it’s not every year everyone’s lives get turned upside down sideway backward, eh?

I could not remember the exact time, this virus became a pandemic. But I do remember that I visited Verona and Venice last February to see Venice Carnival. A week after I arrived back in Copenhagen, the very place and regions were shut down and named outbreak epicenters in northern Italy. Dang!

Venice Carnival 2020

And in a matter of weeks, I was sent home because daycares, schools, and public services were amongst the first to be closed as they called it Lockdown. It was my first time experience working from home as a teacher or pædagog.

hashtag wfh view

It was tough. I had to deal with a lot of danish reading materials and did professional tasks in danish. But at least, I work with a nice view, from a nice place and with a nice outfit (pajamas. *grin).

I worked from home for approximately 3 weeks. Then the daycare was started to go up and running again.

people with specs dilemmas

And then it was all started, working with worries and with people who worry a lot. Stress and questions were our two best friends! On top of that, my allergies kicked in. I had 1 day of fever and my colleagues went berserk. I had to go to a hospital to be tested. And it was not a nice experience. I was scared, confused and worry. It was negative. But the experience, something that I would not want to do again.

Working was not fun either. None of us could really understand how Social Distancing happen with 3 to 5 year old. We followed all the health authorities guidance. Which left us with only a couple pieces of toys for the children to play with. Some older kids went to the school without a farewell as gathering more than 10 peeps was not allowed. Some others had to leave the country due to parents’ job or other circumstances. Sad.

Now, it seems life and work-life are getting as normal as they could be. I don’t know if we could be back per normal per say. Or what people call trending nowadays is The New Normal. Well, I am against the new normal. I am gonna hug anyone who would allow me to hug. And I am rooting for life to be back as normal, the real normal. Who’s with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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