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Back To The Past

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I have a meeting tomorrow at an office lot across to one of Jakarta malls, Mal Daan Mogot. Surprisingly, or not, I don’t know where it is. So, I ask Google Map, as always, trying to get lucky to get the picture how on earth I can be there from my super remote work place.

I typed the name of the mall in English and in Bahasa Indonesia. Nothing came up. #relieved I am not the only one who’s lost here. Hello? Then I typed the address. Not as precise as I hope, duh? of course!, but I managed to understand.

So next, I typed my workplace address because I’ll be going from there. Bina Bangsa School PIK. Nothing came up. I typed the address. Nothing came up. ugh. So I zoomed in and in and in and finally, I found it… or not.


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Do you remember one of my posts about Flood in Jakarta?

Well, last Friday, we got news that our salary was deducted because we were absent from work even when it was because of the flood. I was so disappointed. Logically, I could not go to my workplace because the water was flooding the roads. Did they expect me to swim to work? I was speechless when I checked my bank account to find half of million (in indonesian rupiah) was not there. I felt…. 😦

I stumbled upon this clip on youtube. It did not help much, but it helped indeed.

In awe

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