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Cakery: RC versus TLJ

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These past couple of weeks, I had the chance to share some of God’s blessings by buying birthday cake, one of them for my very good friend 🙂

For her birthday, I refused to buy  just an ordinary cake. So, even though I knew she would not like any cake I bought, I still insisted to buy her a branded 4-star-hotel-quality cake. I bought her Strawberry Tart of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta with full hope that she might like it.


It tasted good. The crust was sweet and crunchy. The cream was soft and light. And the strawberries were fresh and delicious. It was not like any other tart that would make you feel full just by looking the cream. This was fresh and simply yummy. Or so I thought. She apparently she did not like it at all. She smiled and gratefully received it. She had a bite and gave the strawberries away and threw the rest of the cake in the trash in. Had I been sensitive, I would be very upset. But I knew it already, the chances were small for her to approve or even like the cake I bought.

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Do you recognize me?

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“Just like seasons, people change.”

Once I was asked. Describe yourself in one single word. Confidently, I answered: Loyal. Now, I am not sure that I am what I was. I was, once, very loyal to my friends. I sacrificed most of my comfort just to be with friends. I don’t think I am that kind of person anymore. I guess, it is true what they say, people change. I don’t know when, but I know now that I am a different person. I am a completely a different person when I make up my mind that sometimes strangers are better than friends.

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November 14, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Scorpion Kings

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tears. years. friends. smiles.

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Count your life by smiles, not by tears. 

Count your age by friends, not by years.

Tears and years. Smiles and friends.  don’t only rhymes. They are perfect combination.

Tears and years.

Yup. Through these years, I have been facing so many tearing days, good and bad. Maybe it is because of my melancholy personality that I shed so much tears in life. But whatever the reason was, I am very much thankful for every tears I shed.

Most tears are created by painful time. Time where, you have to let go every tension and anger and bitterness through salty liquid from your body that God created exactly for that reason. Some says they are the ones who made my eyes even more soggy and small. They get a point there. But, I believe that God intended every tears I shed for a very good cause.  Read the rest of this entry »

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November 27, 2011 at 12:34 AM

It starts with #3 now!

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Ah… November is about to end. I cannot believe when it is  here and now it’s almost leaving me again. What’s so special about November? Well, it’s my birth month. And, yes, I am a person who make a great deal about birthday, mine, in particular.

About birthday. How could someone thinks that it is just another day in this world while 30 years ago (this year, for me) a small family of a father, mother, 3 kids were excitedly waiting for their youngest baby girl-baby sister to come to their lives. I cannot remember a thing about that day. And in 1981, there’s no video cam to take the whole birth event. Well, thank God for that! But I do believe, my teenager siblings, 13, 10 and 7 year old bros and sis were at home, studying, perhaps, as they were in their school age ,while their parents, who later to be mine, of course, were at the hospital. Hmmm… I bet I cried a lot that I must have been very annoying turd for their studying nights. Hehehe… I bet they love me so much too. And that month, that full of thanksgiving and praise should be remembered, as I celebrate every birthday every year. Don’t you think so too, my friend?

And this month, she is 30 year old. Wow. What a journey. I have to admit. I cannot remember most of them. And I am not sure whether I should be thankful or regretful. When the day is approaching, November 14, I remember how some my friends are facing their new decade. Some are cool, some are lukewarm, and some are hot. Cool as in, it’s just another day in this world while hot is the opposite, it’s a day when you turn old! Haha!! And lukewarm, is like me. Yes, I turn older. Yes, it starts with number 3. Yet, yes, it’s still a birthday! 🙂

I did promise one thing for myself though. And this promise is only happening when I turn this age. That is to try all new things that I can possible dare to do. And lucky me, I started with a good new thing. A Nasi Tumpeng (Tumpeng Rice) for my birthday, instead of having my always favorite birthday cake, The Magnificent Blackforest. 😉 Read the rest of this entry »

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November 26, 2011 at 10:27 PM

Almost 30!

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wow. time really pass by, don’t they? and I am not sure that I have used all my time wisely. most likely I have not. or certainly I must have not.

I actually don’t realize that I am almost 30. Just now, a thought flash on my mind, made me finally  admit that I can never be “be yourself”. And as I think about it, then, I realize that I am almost 30. My mind travels through time as I remember the time where people keep on shouting on my ears to “be yourself”, my teenage years. Now, I am bewildered! We cannot be ourselves. Even now, when I am approaching 30, I cannot be myself how can I be myself when I was 2 decades younger?

If I ever myself, I would…


….like what I always do at quiet beaches. let the energy flows to the top of my lung that my voice can reach the peak of my ever reached decibels. and let the tension leave. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 28, 2011 at 10:44 PM

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happy birthday!!

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Written by vallaura

February 27, 2011 at 9:15 PM

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Last Birthday

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I am sure that you have no idea how geeky I am. What’s worse is I am geeky enough to know that I am one geeky person.

I spent my last birthday in Singapore, staying at my friend’s apartment. It was my first visit to Singapore, or to anywhere outside Indonesia.

The Handerson Wave

I love the last day most, simply because I was alone and I can be my self without worrying anything. My best friend who accompanied me there won’t be very happy reading this but, she not a reader, so I am safe!

Being alone for the first time in other people’s country is extremely exciting, very, if I may put it that way, even to an adrenaline freak like me. I am now a hundred percent sure that I am stupid, lack of organization, and introvert. Among exciting places around Singapore, the haven of shopaholic-they named themselves-I went to SBG. Yep, It was Singapore Botanical Garden, and I took pictures of trees, grass and wildlife. LOL. But seriously, by doing it, I felt more peace, rather than busily taking fake giant trees pictures along Orchard Rd.

Yet, I never had the opportunity to say thank you to God, who let me experience this kinda journey. So, here I am, saying thank you. By the way, the complete sets of photograph can be seen in my Facebook. And I am saying this because everyone cares enough to read my blog and bother himself enough to check my Facebook.

Orchard Road

Anyway, this runaway holiday is worth the money. You should try to have one too. Especially, if you are like me, a person who thinks that on birthdays, people turn to be hypocrite and pretend that they know me so much that they try everything they can to say simply three words: Happy Birthday, GBU. So, fake.

Enough talking negative things, now shall we say:
If we don’t treat ourselves right, then who will?
If we don’t appreciate our being, who will?
If we don’t take ourselves into holiday, who will?

Enjoy your every moment of your birthday!

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January 22, 2010 at 4:24 PM

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