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Papa Ramen

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Papa Ramen is the second option of ramen place that I would recommend after Ramen to Bííru.

I actually chose the place as a farewell dinner for our friend Campbell. I thought the best place to send someone to a new journey is a place where we could experience a lot of flavor.

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Good Karma

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Milan, Italy

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@Dini’s, in Horsens

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The rain washed Copenhagen crystal clear all day today. And it also brought a mist of grayness to all inhabitans. I could only helplessly enjoyed my homecookes meal to soothe growing melancholiness that arise along with the cold as well as flipping (or strolling to be precise) memory lanes of photos.

And I found these.

Both were taken in Horsens, at a small cozy restaurant Dini’s,  2.5h drive from Copenhagen, when I specially introduced Indonesian cuisine to him.

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San Mames, Bilbao Athletic

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How to shake “it” off.

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Being old (enough) amongst my friends in Copenhagen, I have this urge to point out some life lessons I’ve learnt during the discrepancy of age that I have with them. This one I adress how to shake “it” off. By it, I means anything and or everything that is or are undesirable in your head.

1. Take a good night sleep
Sometimes, the best cure is just rest. Those things and crazy ideas that are lingering in your minds might be lurking because you have not got enough sleep. Those are simply how your body is telling you that you need to sleep. Even when you woke up with reality that are the same, but trust me, you can handle them better after a good night sleep.

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March 19, 2015 at 10:08 AM

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