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Go Green!

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“Americans have their Grand Canyon, here, we have Green Canyon!”

That was the tag line of almost every tour guide who promoted Green Canyon. It caught my attention. Of course! I had always been wanting to see Grand Canyon. Since it was not possible in near future, so I was considering visiting this so-called Green Canyon.

And, I did. I joined a backpacking trip to this place. The pack leader was Leo. I knew him from my last backpacking trip to Biawak Island. That’s another story that you can check here.

There were 18 of us waiting at the meeting point on Friday night. The traffic was crazy. As always! But the atmosphere was enthusiastic. There were actually other backpacking group at the same meeting point. They were going to Garut. So, we had to part with them at 10.30 PM. We were lucky that the mini bus we were going to use had broken down. Because in exchange, they gave us 2 mini vans that gave us more space inside since we were about to have a quite long trip in the van.

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Written by Vallaura

May 19, 2012 at 8:32 PM

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