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How far have I been dragged to…

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Dec #15

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Well, I have to say, these books are really womanizers. But I cannot help to see its resembles with the notorious twilight saga. Yes, a twi-hard like me will definitely see the resembles. And frankly, it’s a bit a disappointment. Couldn’t you creative anything else? Not that it’s not selling, I know.

For say, from all the places in the world, Seattle?

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“Listen to me! Please! Please! Listen to me! You don’t understand! You have to let me go! I don’t understand, why my father died! Why I’m alone! This is my only chance, to work. You should understand!”

126 minutes movie, and 15 seconds scene sum it up. That was it. That was the moment when you held you breath and sank into a truth that a good movie delivered. A moment where I can identify myself with the character. A moment  where I blended in. Indeed, what Hugo just said was something that we all wanted to shout out. That I wanted to shout out. I really do not understand. I don’t understand why my mum died. I don’t understand why I am alone. And so many “I don’t understand” that I want to shout out. Unfortunately, I am not sure whether I understand how I should “work”. I cannot confidently continue my “I don’t understand” sentences with Hugo’s “This is my only chance to work.” And that brings me a deep sigh. Those are questions answered only through death.

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April 6, 2012 at 8:28 PM

Book Log of 2012

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The year of come back – in reading. 

Earlier this year, I wrote a posting, Vallaura Awards. One of its awards was given to the best book I’ve read in 2011. To my surprise, I realized that I hadn’t read so many book in that year. Shame on me! So, to prevent wasting of my valuable time of chances in getting wonderful knowledge from books, I decided to keep record of this year books.

What better way to restart a lost hobby besides reading a good Dan Brown’s sci-fi novel. So to start the counting, I sank in Deception Point. Not as enchanting as The Da Vinci code or Angels and Demons of course, but it surely did the trick. My desires to read had arose. Good job Dan Brown! And thanks to my dear friend, Fany who lent me the book which tragically torn apart by my puppy. heheheehe…

I did start it well. But it didn’t mean that it will stay on course. So, carefully I chose another novel. This time to play save, I chose novel that were recommended by friends. They were in Bahasa, my native language, 5 cm and Manusia Setengah Salmon. The first one was okay. But the later one which was recommended as a funny book almost killed my willingness to read. Sorry to say. Maybe I should have not expect something great from those books. But, I thanked Ribka for lending me the first book and Junita for the latter one.

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March 17, 2012 at 1:15 PM

5 cm

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It all started on New Year’s Eve. I was writing my blog,  Vallaura Awards. I was shocked to know that I did not read a lot of books in 2011. So much for a person who claim to be a bookworm. So, I got some gears and started reading again. 5 cm was the first book I finished in this 2012.

It’s an Indonesian book and I borrowed it from my friend. I found the book not really have that wow factor but it was not a disappointment as well. It was about 5 friends who like to hang around until they decided to have 3-month break of seeing each other. And after the 3-month period they set a time to meet and go for Mahameru trip (Mahameru is a name of the tallest mountain in Java, Indonesia). The Mahameru trip was described interestingly vivid. So, it was a good part of the book. But that’s all.

The writer also spiced up with his thoughts through out the pages, as if he was reading with us. Some of the spices, I admit, keep us going for the sake of curiosity. while the 5 cm philosophy, it’s a bout dreaming. In essence, if you have a dream, hang it 5 cm before your forehead, so you will always see it and determine to pursue that dream until you make it happen. A good one.

Here I quote original writing from the book, it’s in Bahasa Indonesia (but have similar meaning with what I’ve told you before). Read the rest of this entry »

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January 7, 2012 at 10:02 AM

Holiday therapy

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Did you know that holiday is already holiday even if it’s not started yet? uh-hu, right when you are busy booking tickets, preparing itinerary, shopping for clothes to pack, imagining hundreds of pictures you will take…yup, it’s started already!!! Yippiiee!! 😀

And oh-oh! People are now filling their blogs with TO-DO and MUST-DO lists for the coming holiday. And me want to join the conversation too!!

#1. Go to a beach

This is a must! I can already feel the hot sea breeze, the splash of salty sea water and the view of blue blue blue waves…. It is just a must! And I had book a trip to Lombok, yay!!

Lombok last year!

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June 4, 2011 at 11:41 AM

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