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A glimpse of my hometown

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The Old Church

It all started when my friend canceled our appointment due to some tests that she has to run. Stressful than ever, I browse the internet to find any close place that I can visit that can make me a bit relax. So I bumped into this blog, and I was loving it.

So I went to try to remember how to get to those places in my neighborhood. The first place that I visited is the old church in Jalan Pemuda, Depok Lama. Some of my friends are actually regular attendances of this church, but I had never visit this church. It was quite nice, but unfortunately not so big as I thought it will be. You can check all pictures of today’s journey on my facebook photos. Then I tried to visit the old cemetery at Jalan Kamboja. It was really interested me, but I cannot find any secure place to park my motorcycle. I actually tried to call my friend whose house is around, but apparently they are not home at the moment 😦 So I just continued my ride to the old bridge of Panus. I still can remember when this very bridge is used..oh, those good ol’ days.

Lastly, I decided to find Studio Alam TVRI. I went to a high school near it, so it should have been easy for me. And, yes, I found it. People said that it was the first conservation area in Indonesia. Sadly, it is only used for TV shooting. Not really taken care of by the worker. I guess Hutan Djuanda in Bandung is much much better. Anyway, it was a very extraordinary day. A good distraction from my every day lives, even though I end up shopping at Milenia, eating at Pizza hut and of course watching movie..hehe…

How’s your weekend? Hope you enjoy it! ^^

Written by vallaura

March 21, 2010 at 4:03 AM

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