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A walk in the park

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Today, out of the ordinary was a sunny day. A beautiful sunny November Sunday in Copenhagen, Denmark. I went to the church and celebrated the Lord’s Supper with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Sometimes, knowing and having brothers and sisters in Christ is enough. I have so many things that I want. I have so many desires that I crave for. I have so many thoughts and worries for my future. But when I remember I have the Lord’s family, sometimes, it is just enough.

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So, I am living in Strandvejen 165, 4. 2900 Hellerup, Gentofte, Copenhagen, Denmark. I am still confused where actually I am living. Is it in Gentofte? Copenhagen? somewhere else? But for sure in Denmark. So far so good. The weather’s just slightly going down. But not too much. It’s nice. It gives me time to adjust. I have gazillions stories. But for now. Just a simple… simple… everyday weather. ❤


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