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Blackball: cold Asian dessert

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imageOn my conquest exploring Asian dessert around my workplace before I leave, I came to the famous Blackball, Dessert House around PIK. 


I must say, I do not have enough experience to develop sensitive taste buds to distinguish the differences of oh-so-many new Asian dessert house in Jakarta, specifically in PIK area.


But I must say, as a non-chinese Indonesian, I am thrilled to see that this one provides wonderfully designed eating area while most of the others just give plain under-decorated plastic chairs and alumunium tables. You can see and feel the difference from the very step you enter in.


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Written by Vallaura

August 30, 2014 at 3:23 PM

Taste of Home in far away land

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Durian Cafè

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imageBorn and live in tropical paradise of Indonesia, I came to know lots of wonderful things that half of the world could never imagine seeing them. Of course I am referring to Durian. You might already knew it. It’s a tropical fruit found in SouthEast region of Asia. The famous hard-skin covered with spikes is the idea of Singapore Opera House, not that any durian every comes from Singapore. Sorry to say. Probably the most well breed durian is the Thailandnese, Monthong. But my friend will argue about this since she said her all time favourite is Penang durian (I forgot the name) which I have never tasted before. So, no point of arguing since I am not in the position to compare. I am easy to please person. So, I am good with small Indonesian under breed durian which taste absolutely amazing. And here, in Jakarta particularly, we dont just eat them fresh. We make them into dishes. How clever are we? 😋

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Bakmi Aloi

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Food Cult: The Asia Restaurant

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Last month we celebrated Teachers’ Day at one of the most prestige hotel in Jakarta, The Ritz Carlton Jakarta.


It was Friday and the commute from our school to the venue was awful. Trust me, when a Jakartan like me said awful, it’s really really damn awful. But we did not want to be ungrateful. So we tried  our best to enjoy what were served and not to compare to our usual, teachers’ day dinner at Hotel Mulia.

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Guilty as charged!

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20130323-114404 AM.jpg

Yes. Those are my lunch for today. In fact, I am writing this post when I am having a break for that massive round of Dynamite pizza.

Yes. This is my guilty pleasure. I like to eat out alone with myself, treat my self a giant pizza and quietness.

Yes. This is one of my guilty pleasures as I am still waiting for that particular #glee episode aired here. It will cost me all my guilty pleasures revealed if I keep on waiting for starworld to air it. Sigh. And I am on holiday which means I cannot get the downloaded episode from my colleague. Argh!

Anw… Bon appetite!

Written by Vallaura

March 23, 2013 at 11:50 AM

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