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“Listen to me! Please! Please! Listen to me! You don’t understand! You have to let me go! I don’t understand, why my father died! Why I’m alone! This is my only chance, to work. You should understand!”

126 minutes movie, and 15 seconds scene sum it up. That was it. That was the moment when you held you breath and sank into a truth that a good movie delivered. A moment where I can identify myself with the character. A moment  where I blended in. Indeed, what Hugo just said was something that we all wanted to shout out. That I wanted to shout out. I really do not understand. I don’t understand why my mum died. I don’t understand why I am alone. And so many “I don’t understand” that I want to shout out. Unfortunately, I am not sure whether I understand how I should “work”. I cannot confidently continue my “I don’t understand” sentences with Hugo’s “This is my only chance to work.” And that brings me a deep sigh. Those are questions answered only through death.

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Written by vallaura

April 6, 2012 at 8:28 PM

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