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It is my right not to be an atheist.

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This is happening: That people start to say sorry to me whenever they mention christianity, christian, Christ, Jesus in the most blasphemous way they could possibly do.

But what got into my head is that probably I need to be more open minded, compasionate and have high acceptance of what they are doing. They have been living this way for the rest of their lives and suddenly come someone from asia who is religious and they feel that what they do (curse, swear, use certain symbolic words) is somehow misplaced, maybe because they see how my face turned into cold stone or how my pupil dilated or simply how my jaw dropped. I’m serious, sometimes these european people, oh gosh, how to put it into words, they are horrendously heartless. It is your right to be an atheist. But remember, it is my right also to be religious. So next time you see me reacting like J.S. Park below, be in mind that we have the same equal rights.

Klaine’s Wedding

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red-equal-symbolThe word “wedding” in regarding to a tweet by Mr Ryan Murphy keeps on ringing in my head in fact it stopped me from my work that I assume need to be addressed in my personal online diary, this blog.

Be warned that there are some offensive and discriminative views ahead. They are my own and you can feel free to disagree with them. It is a free world, but please respect my free opinion and do so on your own blog. I welcome all open minded people to join my thoughts and continue reading. 🙂

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April 2, 2013 at 10:56 PM

What is human without humanity?

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Lately I am so sick and tired with human, a so called creature that upholds human rights and humanity. Maybe I am one of them, I don’t know, after all I am human. I don’t understand on what basis does a human undignify other human? I have seen so many rich people and how they treat other people and how they raise their kids a little bit too much at my workplace. I have seen so many so called lucky people who squander their most precious fortune. And I have not seen at all, they said! I saw a teacher cried after her student sent out poll question asking whether she is stupid enough to teach their class. I saw fellow workers earning more doing less, fewer resposibility greater acknowledgement. I saw a friend praying nothing and getting everything, dreaming nothing yet receiving everything, hoping nothing but enjoying everything. Read the rest of this entry »

Abort! anyone?

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It was our 6th meeting of Christian Beliefs classes. Basically they were just session where we watched Wayne Grudem and then discusssed topics with people who came. Some of what said were not new science. The discussion was what made the sessions alive.

When we came to “What is man?” topic. We had an interesting discussion about abortion. A friend raised her hand and asked “Is it okay to have abortion? How will this applied to a woman who got pregnant because she was raped? Because if we keep the baby alive, that baby will be a constant reminder of that incident (when the mother raped). The mother might hate the baby. And instead of helping the baby to have a life, that baby will live in a hatred broken situation.”

Our moderator, one of our elder at church, suggested to give up the baby to good christian families who are willing to raise the baby in loving and christian ways. He then referred to Bible passage to the story about a blind man who had been blinded since he was born. When Jesus’ disciples asked whose sin is this, that made this man blind since he was born, Jesus answered that he was blinded that God’s power will shown unto him. And regarding to the out-of-wed-lock babies, he said that, even through these situations, God can shwo His power.

Then everybody’s happy… or not?

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May 19, 2012 at 11:11 PM

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