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My Secret Identity

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I am back in Jakarta last week. This is my first encounter with my laptop. If you are writing in life, you will miss writing your life. So, even though my writing materials are not ready, I just cannot hold these fingers from dancing on the keyboard.

I was about to leave my Indo apt (I named it by myself. It is actually an extension of a townhouse where they made several rooms to be rented and provide minimum facilities. Almost like a dorm, but they still have regular house for the owner nearby and it is located in an estate.) When one of the kids there asked her friend about me. She asked, “Who is that woman?” and the opponent answered, “She is Lenti. She is Christian.” (Lenti is my nickname) I overheard their small talk, and I wasn’t sure whether I should be worry or happy.

That was my first time to be identify with 2 sentences like that. The first sentence is just regular. But I never heard myself being identified as Christian. Nu-Uh, not in this country. I tried to think things that I’ve done to that girl or words I’ve said to her that made her stated that second statement. No luck on that. But interestingly, I came up with more identity of me. And here is the list. If you know me, please add more. Or, you can just try to make your own list. It will be fun! 😉

A daughter
A teacher
A Christian
A friend
A blogger
A newbie traveller
A student
An auntie
A church member

A ….

The longer the list the more you understand yourself. If there’s someone in this world that you need to understand, that person is definitely our selves. Enjoy getting to know yourself more!

Written by Vallaura

July 5, 2011 at 9:23 PM

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