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@Dini’s, in Horsens

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The rain washed Copenhagen crystal clear all day today. And it also brought a mist of grayness to all inhabitans. I could only helplessly enjoyed my homecookes meal to soothe growing melancholiness that arise along with the cold as well as flipping (or strolling to be precise) memory lanes of photos.

And I found these.

Both were taken in Horsens, at a small cozy restaurant Dini’s,  2.5h drive from Copenhagen, when I specially introduced Indonesian cuisine to him.

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Christmas memories

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If you are wondering why in the world #savehajilulung is in twitter worldwide trending topic, here are some clues.

A little bit context for non indonesian readers, Indonesia is in 118 world’s most corrupt country from 174 countries listed. Not an achievement. Not proud at all. And just later last year Indonesia appointed a new Jakarta Governor. He is previously the vice governor who is now taking role as the governor since the previous governor is elected as the President of Republic of Indonesia, Jokowi, people call him.

Now this new governor Basuki Tjahja Purnama or “Ahok” is now standing in the white zone fighting corruption in any possible ways. He is of minority race, chinese, and he is of minority religion, christian, to top of that he is expressive, hence all the fuss. Yesterday, he went on a dialogue with the Jakarta’s House of Representative accommodated by the Ministry of Domestic Affairs to discuss about the suspected-to-be-manipulated Jakarta 2015 budget, note on 12,000,000,000,000 IDR (12 trillions just incase i miss some zeros there, converse to your own currency if you please) for UPS allocation fund for high schools in Jakarta. To make the story short, the dialogue did not work as intended to be. The “fighting” parties are Ahok versus Haji Lulung (Haji is a moslem title).

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Pendidikan Di Indonesia Pada Masa Penjajahan Belanda

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  1. A. Latar Belakang

Pada zaman kolonial pemerintah Belanda menyediakan sekolah yang beraneka ragam bagi orang Indonesia untuk memenuhi kebutuhan berbagai lapisan masyarakat. Ciri yang khas dari sekolah-sekolah ini ialah tidak adanya hubungan berbagai ragam sekolah itu. Namun lambat laun, dalam berbagai macam sekolah yang terpisah-pisah itu terbentuklah hubungan-hubungan sehingga terdapat suatu sistem yang menunjukkan kebulatan. Pendidikan bagi anak-anak Indonesia semula terbatas pada pendidikan rendah, akan tetapi kemudian berkembang secara vertical sehingga anak-anak Indonesia, melalui pendidikan menengah dapat mencapai pendidikan tinggi, sekalipun melalui jalan yang sulit dan sempit.

Lahirnya suatu sistem pendidikan bukanlah hasil suatu perencanaan menyeluruh melainkan langkah demi langkah melalui eksperimentasi dan didorong oleh kebutuhan praktis di bawah pengaruh kondisi sosial, ekonomi, dan politik di Nederland maupun di Hindia Belanda. Selain itu kejadian-kejadian di dunia luar, khususnya yang terjadi di Asia, mendorong dipercepatnya pengembangan sistem pendidikan yang lengkap yang akhirnya, setidaknya dalam teori, memberikan kesempatan kepada…

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Written by Vallaura

January 2, 2015 at 8:02 PM

AirAsia QZ8501

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Come to him, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and he will give you rest.


My deepest condolences for all the families of the victims of the airplane crash tragedy last Sunday on Java sea, Indonesia, AirAsia QZ8501 outbound from Surabaya (Indonesia) to Singapore (Singapore). May God’s solace brings you unmeasurable comfort, a thing that no human could do. Amen.

Carnivore @Carnivor

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Joko Widodo, Indonesian 7th President

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Written by Vallaura

September 25, 2014 at 12:48 AM

Durian Cafè

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imageBorn and live in tropical paradise of Indonesia, I came to know lots of wonderful things that half of the world could never imagine seeing them. Of course I am referring to Durian. You might already knew it. It’s a tropical fruit found in SouthEast region of Asia. The famous hard-skin covered with spikes is the idea of Singapore Opera House, not that any durian every comes from Singapore. Sorry to say. Probably the most well breed durian is the Thailandnese, Monthong. But my friend will argue about this since she said her all time favourite is Penang durian (I forgot the name) which I have never tasted before. So, no point of arguing since I am not in the position to compare. I am easy to please person. So, I am good with small Indonesian under breed durian which taste absolutely amazing. And here, in Jakarta particularly, we dont just eat them fresh. We make them into dishes. How clever are we? 😋

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Bakmi Aloi

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