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Bakwan Jagung

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This post is a contender of Tastemade Indonesia‘s post that I saw few days ago. When I saw it, I was like… “wth. they made a video tutorial of how to make bakwan jagung!” I felt that I should also disperse my own version of bakwan jagung. Sadly not in form of video, but yeah… I hope it’s good enough.

In my own definition and free translation, bakwan jagung is a savory corn fritter. Indonesians usually eat it for snacks (in between meal time) or as a side dish in meal. It also has other variant such as vegetable fritter and shrimp fritter. Basically, if you could make one type, you could also make the others.

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Food Cult: Nasi Bebek Cak Yudi, Surabaya

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FYI, my iphone is dying. Sadly, even electronic has an age. So, before I deleted all the photos there, I am going to spam my blog with those photos. πŸ˜‰Β 


These ones were taken when I went to Surabaya for my friend’s wedding in 2012. Surabaya is the scond biggest city in Indonesia. It is in the eastern part of Java Island. The most famous cuisine among others is their duck dish. This one, Indonesian all time favourite, is fried duck with jasmine rice and chilli codiment.

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Cooking in Denmark: Stir fried Longbeans

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Cooking in Spain: The Ultimate Spicy Chicken

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Cooking in Denmark: Stir fried Chayote Squash

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538Last week, I missed Indonesian food so much that I went to Asian market and bought Labu Siam, or in English called Chayote Squash.


I wanted to cook somewhat like Indonesian chayote squash curry dish which is so familiar in Indonesia but I felt that it would take so much time and effort that I decided to make stir fried spicy chayote squash instead.

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Cooking in Denmark: Spicy Chicken

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