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“If you want to kill a man, kill his dream.”

I was sitting in front of my mac last night, when suddenly my dream chakra opened. All of my dreams gushed to my mind. It made me frantic. I should meditate at that time, yet I let my self driven uncontrollable.

Dreams. Sigh. Do you know that they are very powerful? I almost think that they are some kind of new-breed species. If you keep feeding them, they will grow bigger and bigger. It might even overpower you. Yes. Indeed, some dreams are dangerous. Some dreams might drag you down to the pool of hopelessness. Some dreams might fly you off to Nirvana.

I used to dream big when I was a little girl. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Vallaura

May 28, 2011 at 10:32 PM

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