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I have not been in any of Zumba class since I moved to Europe. So, I was so excited to join today’s 1h free open air zumba class.

I found the event on facebook. It was on Dansepladsen at Fælledparken with Irina chernova. And it’s free! 🙂 I was so close to cancelling it because heavy rain clouds werw up since morning. But fælledparken was just 10min biking from my place. So I went there anyway. People actually showed up. Eventhough the wooden dance floor was all wet. But we had fun. And it felt nice to be back dancing again . 

Hill Top Trine, Giant No.2

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Bakketop Trine

Seeing one of Danbo’s giants made me feel like seeing all of them in an instance. But this girl giant called Trine is a bit tricky to find.

I found her after I visited Louis. They were 6km apart. I cycled south from Louis following the bike lane. In my opinion, the bike trip itself was great. Passing some parks, surrounded by greens and fresh air. Just nice. After making a left turn, I immediately saw her sitting on a small hill swarmed by little children.

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Chateau Motel

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The Price of Feminism

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Nope. I am not going to talk about feminism on what the picture represent. Even though I share my soul agreeing with it. This one is about a story of one of my Copenhagen days. 🙂

Yesterday, after a weird job interview at Valby, I went to my danish course in Kødbyen. I blamed on the weird interview that I somehow played my bike’s gear all the way from Enghave to Fisketorvet bound to Kødbyen. Well you see, the road there is quite climbing, 1 degree probably, so I need to see how this “new” bike adapting with its two hands gears. That was when I could not feel that I was pedalling my bike. *shit* I knew this feeling, the chains must have lose. And of course, it was.
I stirred my lose-chained bike to the parking lot. Yes, I could get hold on using bike without proper working chains. Yes, I am that good. And saw what I knew was happening. But what I did not expect was that apparently this new bike has its chain cover. Does not life look so much easier now?

I put my turquoise longchamp bag on the left hand grip and put my Yves Rocher shopping bag on the right. I rolled my long sleeves wool cardigan 3cm and squatted looking like a smarty pants girl knowing stuffs on how to fix a loose chain. I don’t know shit.

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Clash of Culture

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Few days ago, my Facebook timeline was flooded with a post shared from issuing the headline of “Expats: Denmark ‘world’s worst’ for making friends“. I was planning to voice something about it but could not find the necessary motivation. Until yesterday, I spoke to a friend and she really hit my motivation button.

I have to say that people are being slightly harsh to the danes. Pointing out someone else’s weakness in broad public, under spotlight, will not help in making friends with the danes.

Denmark was dead last when it comes to the ease of making friends, 64th for being made to feel welcome and 60th for the perceived friendliness of the locals.

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tgif, copenhagen way

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It has been a long week for me. How about you?

Aren’t you glad that it’s friday? Lots of people call it tgif. I am one of them who doesnot have the privilege to call out tgif since weekend is thesis writing time. huff 😤

But in between working hours today, my boss took me down to straighten our back, inhaling some fresh air and watching futsal match. We still need to go back to the office and finish all our work, but at least the smell of weekend refreshs for this worn soul.

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Copenhagen – the other side

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Today I deactivated my okcupid account. Sadly, not because I had found someone there. It was because I received some not approriate message. And yes, I knew it would happen. But I was not expecting it that soon.

So, annonymous wrote: “Would you like to go to porn/sex club in Copenhagen?”

Hmm… I was not really disgusted with the question. In fact, I was questioning if there were as such club here (stupid question, of course). So, I opened my iPad and browse “porn or sex club in Copenhagen”. And in a split second the screen pointed out so many clubs as such here. Well, I did not click all of them, in fact I only clicked one. And that’s more than enough.

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