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I have not been in any of Zumba class since I moved to Europe. So, I was so excited to join today’s 1h free open air zumba class.

I found the event on facebook. It was on Dansepladsen at F√¶lledparken with Irina chernova. And it’s free! ūüôā I was so close to cancelling it because heavy rain clouds werw up since morning. But f√¶lledparken was just 10min biking from my place. So I went there anyway. People actually showed up. Eventhough the wooden dance floor was all wet. But we had fun. And it felt nice to be back dancing again . 

Hill Top Trine, Giant No.2

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Bakketop Trine

Seeing one of Danbo’s giants made me feel like seeing all of them in an instance. But this girl giant called Trine is a bit tricky to find.

I found her after I visited Louis. They were 6km apart. I cycled south from Louis following the bike lane. In my opinion, the bike trip itself was great. Passing some parks, surrounded by greens and fresh air. Just nice. After making a left turn, I immediately saw her sitting on a small hill swarmed by little children.

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The Sleeping Louis, Giant No.1

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Chateau Motel

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Tillykke med f√łdselsdagen til mig

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14 November 2016. Copenhagen, Denmark

They said it’s gonna be a supermoon phenomena on this day. But what I knew was that, this is the day of the year where I miss my mom the most. The woman who brought me to this world and who had left me since I was 18. 

I am more than grateful and beyond measure thankful for the past 34 years of my life. Yes. One of the perks of being old is that you could overlook all that stormy black cold sharp days and say that you are happy with life. But I have to say, today was a painful birthday to me, I spent the whole day fighting with my dearest blue-eyed-viking and ended the afternoon with a three letter word: Bye. And spent the rest of the evening breaking into parts and a flow of tears…

Welcome to 35! where life is tougher. people are meaner. and even the winter is wilder! I gave up on life on the remembrance day of the day I got life. Such an ironic day of the year, isnt it? 

I have nothing more to say… but to tell my future self, to stay strong, keep loving and trust life a little bit more. Maybe next birthday will be better… HUGS.

I miss you already… ūüė¶ #csmedt

Hej Racist!

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Clash of Culture

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Few days ago, my Facebook timeline was flooded with a post shared from issuing the headline of “Expats: Denmark ‘world’s worst’ for making friends“. I was planning to voice something about it but could not find the necessary motivation. Until yesterday, I spoke to a friend and she really hit my motivation button.

I have to say that people are being slightly harsh to the danes. Pointing out someone else’s weakness in broad public, under spotlight, will not help in making friends with the danes.

Denmark was dead last when it comes to the ease of making friends, 64th for being made to feel welcome and 60th for the perceived friendliness of the locals.

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