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Don’t trust your dream

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…like I never do, except for last night.

It was an unusual sunny day in Copenhagen, last Saturday. I went to second hand shop “loppemarked” in Frederiksberg in the morning and felt drained and exhausted. Stuffing my new owned clothes and cosmetics, I cyckled to my part time job together with my friend. And we decided to have BBQ at Island Brygge after finishing my work. It was such an enjoyable day, but we ended the day almost dried of over heating. Then… I got the dream.

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Little things in life

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To sum up my day today, I share with you my facebook status.

I am now about to call it a day, to prevent the cause of all trouble, waking up late. Still have this headache since afternoon when I had to dig up my bag, turn it over several times trying to find my parking ticket. I guess, a panadol will help me to get some rest. Indeed, small things in life can do more help than we could ever imagine.

Written by Vallaura

February 2, 2014 at 2:54 AM

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