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Mere Christianity

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at the end of the days, we can be sure for only one thing, that we are all just a mere human.

I have been struggling with some kinda mind game these past weeks. It all started with a tweet saying that I should check my email account. I did not recognize the tweeter which apparently followed only 4 accounts and had zero follower. As I was holding my blackberry with my left hand and iphone on my right hand while facing macbook and ipad as the same time, i did not need a tweet saying that I should check my email account. Technologies did not allow me to miss even the latest updates let alone an email. I did not get the mentioned email, or so I thought.

Last two weeks, digging on my spam email, I found out the email. It was a bizzare email. She (I assumed it’s a she) suggested me to delete one of my blog posts. She said it was misguided because the person profiled on my blogpost was not anyone like what was written there. She said I got tricked and my post might lead people tricked too. To tell you the truth, the blogpost was about a person whom I looked up to. And what she was trying to say was the person highlighted there committed some sexual harrasments to one church member which caused this church members refused to visit the church again. I was troubled. I was deeply troubled.

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Written by Vallaura

October 28, 2012 at 12:21 AM

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