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Tex-Mex Christmas

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Having tried a lot of spanish and portuguese cuisine in the past days, I decided to go for some mexican. One of the places we visited is The ‘La Venganza de Malinche.’


IMG_0638This place was the first (note: first), mexican restaurant that we visited in Madrid. Its name literally translate as The Revenge of Malince. It had a huge skeleton drawing in front of the door. I don’t know whether it was a welcoming thing or not, but since the internet recommended it, we tried it anyway. When we entered the place, we liked it instantly. It was very vibrant with colors, wooden furniture, black-shirt waiters and nice ambience. All menus are in spanish of course, and my knowledge of mexican food suddenly down to zero.

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I miss you, friend.

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imageSome people in this photo, I really miss so much. I hope I can see them again in this lifetime. That’s the thing I have to bear going in International community. People might just come and go. Ah. The love and hate being in International community. I just hope I could meet them again.

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Loco Mama

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Written by Vallaura

August 16, 2014 at 2:43 AM

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