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Vallaura Awards

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To commemorate the passing year, I, instead of making New Year resolution, made this list which I named Vallaura Awards, simply to remind myself those marvelous things, places or people throughout the passing year and hopefully the coming year as well.

Since I am new to this, let’s start with things that I like the most:

Best Book: ….err, I just realized that I haven’t finish any of my books. But I did finished reading Wimpy Kid Series… does it count?

Best Gadget: On January 2011 I bought macbook and on December 2011 I bought EOS 550D. I would like to shout EOS as the best gadget but I realized that it will be because it’s still brand new. And it will be not fair for my macbook who has accompanied me throughout the year and not be nominated. ….after careful thought. Macbook is the winner! 🙂

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