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Smileprints 2018

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2018 by my definition was a crazy year. I think I will find a lot who would think alike. Take the craziness out for a while and let me share with you places that I visited during the year.

Beginning of last year, I visited Iceland with my friend Epri, my fail attempt to see The Northern Lights. Should I nominate this to be the first disappointment in 2018? Maybe. But I rolled like the rich Asians, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, putting mud mask, just because. Though my balance sheet at the end of the year indicated that January was the month where I had minus. Ouchie. 💸

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Papa Ramen

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Papa Ramen is the second option of ramen place that I would recommend after Ramen to Bííru.

I actually chose the place as a farewell dinner for our friend Campbell. I thought the best place to send someone to a new journey is a place where we could experience a lot of flavor.

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Ramen to Bííru

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Be good to yourself – 4

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It was a cloudy Saturday. I decided to go to Arken Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj. I was really expecting to see The Danish Girl collection there. But apparently, at that time, the museum was having a special “Gosh! Is it Alive” exhibition. I was a bit disappointed because I was really curious on Gerda Wegener’s paintings. But, alas, what could I do but to enjoy the exhibition.

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Milan, Italy

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It was just a weekend trip to Milan, but it was really nice. They said you’ll meet yourself when you travel. I have to add:  you’ll meet yourself when you travel, alone.

First thing on my walking route was Bosco Verticale. It was just an apartment building which grew big plants to make it look like forest. A very refreshing sight in a modern city.

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Chateau Motel

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