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August 30, 2014 at 5:29 PM


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I never thought that I would finally bought any of those Crocs, super expensive rubber, shoes and slippers. Yet right now, I have two pairs of them. 😉 My first two pairs. Thanks to my friends.

Crocs on sale!

Few days ago, my FRIEND, one of Crocs hugest fans let me know that there will be Crocs big sale in one of Jakarta famous malls, Senayan City. I lazily answered her without any enthusiasm. Flashes of those expensive shoes made me lack of enthusiasm. It turned out that they had free pass tickets, and they were willing to share one for me. Unable to let them down, gladly I forced myself to meet them there. I showed up a bit late for some reasons, and I got confused on everything.

Yes, It was on 8th fl. hall, the sale. Yet the queue had started from the 5th fl. Being not familiar with the mall, I got confused on how to get to the 8th fl. without queuing. So I called a FRIEND of mine who often work there. He was really a helpful man, indeed. Through his directions, I found a very secluded lift and a way to get to 6th fl to meet up my friend’s boyfriend who got my free pass ticket. Happily I went to the free pass entrance.

To my surprise, there was this huge tattooed man calling me off. He asked politely, where am I going. Plainly I answered that I am going to the ..err.. 8th fl? He then asked me, where I was from. Confused even more (whether I should answer Depok or GIS or Pondok Indah) I decided to finally LOOK at the free pass, and read what were written on it…and hesitate-ly I answered him with four-letter words, H-S-B-C? He stared at me and told me that the free pass was no longer valid unless i have some HSBC ID card. I went getting my cell phone calling my friend’s boyfriend to consult about this. Happily, he answered and helped me. He found out that the free pass is valid until 6PM, all I need to say that a man named HANSEN had confirmed about this.

So this time, being more prepared, I confidently tried again to enter the free pass gate. Yiye! The tattooed man was gone, or I thought he mean, he was sitting and watching me, when his friend took my free pass ticket and stamped my hand. He asked him to ask me to show something sounded like Id carrrd or somethin’ …I cannot hear them clearly, I was like running upstairs showed no care for what they were arguing. santa cruz women - plain blue (w9)

Relieved, I met my one of my friends there. She helped me to handle my shocked when I looked at THOSE CROCS. Gee, those are expensive shoes for crying out loud. How could they were scattered like second handed items? After calming my self down, I finally able to choose the best two pairs that I like best. They are Plain Blue Santa Cruz (W9) and Capri Canvas Black Printing (W8).

Frankly speaking, I was hesitate to buy these shoes. They were STILL in my definition of expensive. As I tried to look here and there, I asked my friend next to me the regular price of this Santa Cruz I was holding. She said plainly 750.000 IDR. WHAT??!! That was a jaw down info. I stared in her eyes. THAT MUCH? Trying desperately to sound a bit with dignity. She just nodded and walked away looking to other pairs.

Capri Canvas Black Printed (W8)

Sigh. Realizing that there were million of people queueing from the 5th fl just to buy this pair of shoes, I sheepishly decided to take this one home. And to later on found another pair to company the first pair. I kept on telling myself. No more shopping for the next two months. yelp! yeah right… 😀

Anyway…thanks for all my friends who make this happen. without you, there will never be 70% Crocs for me! 🙂

Written by vallaura

March 15, 2010 at 6:08 PM

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