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Dansk Uddannelse 2

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tgif, copenhagen way

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It has been a long week for me. How about you?

Aren’t you glad that it’s friday? Lots of people call it tgif. I am one of them who doesnot have the privilege to call out tgif since weekend is thesis writing time. huff 😤

But in between working hours today, my boss took me down to straighten our back, inhaling some fresh air and watching futsal match. We still need to go back to the office and finish all our work, but at least the smell of weekend refreshs for this worn soul.

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Pendidikan Di Indonesia Pada Masa Penjajahan Belanda

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  1. A. Latar Belakang

Pada zaman kolonial pemerintah Belanda menyediakan sekolah yang beraneka ragam bagi orang Indonesia untuk memenuhi kebutuhan berbagai lapisan masyarakat. Ciri yang khas dari sekolah-sekolah ini ialah tidak adanya hubungan berbagai ragam sekolah itu. Namun lambat laun, dalam berbagai macam sekolah yang terpisah-pisah itu terbentuklah hubungan-hubungan sehingga terdapat suatu sistem yang menunjukkan kebulatan. Pendidikan bagi anak-anak Indonesia semula terbatas pada pendidikan rendah, akan tetapi kemudian berkembang secara vertical sehingga anak-anak Indonesia, melalui pendidikan menengah dapat mencapai pendidikan tinggi, sekalipun melalui jalan yang sulit dan sempit.

Lahirnya suatu sistem pendidikan bukanlah hasil suatu perencanaan menyeluruh melainkan langkah demi langkah melalui eksperimentasi dan didorong oleh kebutuhan praktis di bawah pengaruh kondisi sosial, ekonomi, dan politik di Nederland maupun di Hindia Belanda. Selain itu kejadian-kejadian di dunia luar, khususnya yang terjadi di Asia, mendorong dipercepatnya pengembangan sistem pendidikan yang lengkap yang akhirnya, setidaknya dalam teori, memberikan kesempatan kepada…

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January 2, 2015 at 8:02 PM

Dec #11

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Universidad De Deusto

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What we can tell reflect what we know.

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“We can know more than we can tell.”

– Michael Polanyi

Here I am again with my compendium. It’s module 2 now, the first reading, part 1 of the first reading to be exact. And I came across this sentence, “we can know more than we can tell”. Oh darn! I could not help it to write it here. My mind went explode when I read his sentence. I tried to be patient and finished reading the entire reading material but could. not. help. it. anymore.

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Human Capitalism

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“The man without skills and knowledge leaning terrifically against nothing.”

– Faulkner’s Intruder in the Dust.

I’ve just finished reading one of the reading materials for tomorrow’s lecture. I have been stuck with one of the readings that I jumped to this one. Interesting, I must say.

There’s a real tension of capitalism, where they use human as its tool to gain wealth, with humanism, where they refuse to see human as commodities. We have to admit this is happening. I have seen more than enough on how work labors have been “used” as a mean of capitalism. Massive working hour, low paycheck, no health insurance, etc are just to few somee. But, I also have to admit that without human capitalism, humanism would be just utopia. People will not upgrade themselves to get a better living. I guess human is a commodity after all. But remember, human has something that material does not have, rights. And as long as people still see human as in human commodity, with human rights, and not material commodity, everything should be just fine.

Forest Kindergarten

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