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Food Cult: Nasi Bebek Cak Yudi, Surabaya

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FYI, my iphone is dying. Sadly, even electronic has an age. So, before I deleted all the photos there, I am going to spam my blog with those photos. 😉 


These ones were taken when I went to Surabaya for my friend’s wedding in 2012. Surabaya is the scond biggest city in Indonesia. It is in the eastern part of Java Island. The most famous cuisine among others is their duck dish. This one, Indonesian all time favourite, is fried duck with jasmine rice and chilli codiment.

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What to see in Surabaya?

That was a question that I had been asking to my fellow Indonesian who knew Surabaya better than me. Unfortunately, I did not get diverse answers. Most of them said, plainly, malls. Sigh.

I love shopping, don’t get me wrong. But to go to place where one can only find shopping malls is nightmare, well to me it is. I had choice but to expect nothing from this so-called third biggest city in Indonesia. And I was shocked knowing that The Amazing Race 21 visited Surabaya!!! Wow. However, even in a blink of an eye, I managed to visit some interesting places that you might want to see when you visit Surabaya.

We stayed at Twin Hotel (you can read my review on Trip Advisor). But I saw Majapahit Hotel that was quite vintage for you who looked for this stuffs.

The Majapahit Hotel

lobby from a distance


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November 12, 2012 at 9:46 PM

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