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A life of a teacher is like a cassette played over and over again with a repeat button. No matter where you are, you will always be someone who will be left behind while your students embark to their new journey. [Originally written on 22 July, 2017]

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Stones of life

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I just stepped a quite important stone of my life: getting a permanent, full time teaching position in Denmark. It’s an open contract, so now I am applying for a new work visa, crossing fingers for a smooth visa process. This translated to some more years working and living in Denmark, which was for me a fantastic news.

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A Letter for Mom.

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Dear Mom,

I hope this letter find you well. I dont wanna be melodramatic by writing this letter but I have to say, I have been thinking abouth death more than usual.

Remember, my dream to be an architect? I always wanted to be an architect. I always dream to build a home where my family can live and I also made a smaller cottage in the backyard for you to live with me all the days of our lives. I remember I can just hop to your cottage and see you playing with my kids. That was the dream. It had been long crushed when you died.

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Why soccer is not created for girls.

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