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Back To The Past

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I have a meeting tomorrow at an office lot across to one of Jakarta malls, Mal Daan Mogot. Surprisingly, or not, I don’t know where it is. So, I ask Google Map, as always, trying to get lucky to get the picture how on earth I can be there from my super remote work place.

I typed the name of the mall in English and in Bahasa Indonesia. Nothing came up. #relieved I am not the only one who’s lost here. Hello? Then I typed the address. Not as precise as I hope, duh? of course!, but I managed to understand.

So next, I typed my workplace address because I’ll be going from there. Bina Bangsa School PIK. Nothing came up. I typed the address. Nothing came up. ugh. So I zoomed in and in and in and finally, I found it… or not.


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