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It is my right not to be an atheist.

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This is happening: That people start to say sorry to me whenever they mention christianity, christian, Christ, Jesus in the most blasphemous way they could possibly do.

But what got into my head is that probably I need to be more open minded, compasionate and have high acceptance of what they are doing. They have been living this way for the rest of their lives and suddenly come someone from asia who is religious and they feel that what they do (curse, swear, use certain symbolic words) is somehow misplaced, maybe because they see how my face turned into cold stone or how my pupil dilated or simply how my jaw dropped. I’m serious, sometimes these european people, oh gosh, how to put it into words, they are horrendously heartless. It is your right to be an atheist. But remember, it is my right also to be religious. So next time you see me reacting like J.S. Park below, be in mind that we have the same equal rights.

Stupid you!

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One of my good friend sent me a link to this video. She said that I should send this video to all the guys who failed to see what they’d just missed. Such a sweet friend she is.


So if you don’t love me the way I love you
And if you don’t want me the way I want you
Then if you don’t need me the way I need you
I just got one thing to say to you
Stupid you, ey
Stupid you, oh oh oh

Stupid me for falling for you
Stupid me for falling for you


Written by Vallaura

November 2, 2014 at 12:01 AM

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