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It was a cloudy Saturday. I decided to go to Arken Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj. I was really expecting to see The Danish Girl collection there. But apparently, at that time, the museum was having a special “Gosh! Is it Alive” exhibition. I was a bit disappointed because I was really curious on Gerda Wegener’s paintings. But, alas, what could I do but to enjoy the exhibition.

The museum was okay. In my opinion, it was not as breathtaking as Louisiana in the other end of Copenhagen. But it was worth the visit. We saw a lot of great piece of art. Especially the special “Gosh! Is it Alive’ exhibition. However, hard to believe, I did not like it. I appreciated the work as a wonderful art. But for me, it was too realistic, as its name hyper-realism art. I could not believe my eyes on what I saw. These artist were acting as gods and goddesses. They created artworks that look so realistic that chill my spine. If God were there, he could just breathe a breath of life and all those artworks could come to live. Crazy, scary.

The permanent collections were also worth to see. They were fresh modern art to my brain. The museum also had outdoor artwork where they could interact with visitor. We climbed up, walked around, touched and felt. My favourite type of artwork.

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