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Umbul Sidomukti

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I am not a mountain person I have to admit. But this holiday, being cheapskate to myself, I decided to travel with my friend for a city tour and mountain view.

After 2 days of city tour in Semarang, a city in Central Java, Indonesia, we decided to go to Umbul Sidomukti. It is a resort up in a mountain range of Semarang. It was raining and the road was slippery and steep. But the place was worth to visit.

These are the 10 rooms they have. Yup. This resort only has 10 rooms! We got Room A to later find that we were lucky to get that particular room. 🙂

We took a walk under the drizzle to ease our car sickness. It was almost 1.5 ride from Semarang to get to this resort. And the mountain breeze really invited us to go around.


It's not raining anymore. 🙂

My travel companion 🙂

Our room... We got the one that is furthest to the right end.


After we got enough mountain breeze, we headed to our room. The room was small and compact. It was actually family room, all of the rooms in that resort. The capacity of each room is for 2 adults and 2 children. A king bed size was the first view in the room. And practically that’s about it. There were a door to the bathroom and a stair to another room on the second floor which was actually a modified attic. I hate to admit this, but they have a very lousy bathroom, the concept is fine but the execution is terrible.

sliding door, TV cabinet, drawers and complimentary drinks.

bed, side beds, and... and that's about it. the whole room.

a. very. poor. shower. 😦

a good remedy for a lousy bathroom.

the other end. toilet, sink and believe-it-or-not wardrobe!

The only good thing about this room, I mean, the outer look was amazing, but the inside was terrible, right? so the only remedy for this room was the second floor. When I went up to check what’s there, I saw a good nesting place, a bed with 270 degree view angle! Now, this is why I said earlier that we were lucky to get Room A. Because of its position, we got the mountain view!!! While other rooms, in my prediction, will only get… umm… other room’s roof view? hahahahaha… 😀 So make sure you book for Room A and not any other room (unless they have expand this resort of course)!

a comfy bed, that is.

take a deep breath and relax...

lay down.. lay low.. and enjoy the view

meditate on the nature. grateful for everything.

















And that’s the story of me on the mountain.

Like it?

Go and visit it! 😉

Written by Vallaura

December 27, 2011 at 1:40 AM

3 Responses

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  1. Hey laura, this place looks cool! Literally and figuratively.

    It will be one of my destination wish list

    How much was the rate for Room A?



    March 21, 2013 at 1:04 PM

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