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Show the same compassion for them that you would to someone who fought a battle against cancer and lost.

The lead singer of a famous band just passed away today (or yesterday). And social media word went all out about it.

He hung himself according to news, leaving a wife and six children behind. His buddy also died couple of months ago with the same cod. The heart of the problem according to what I read: depression.


The sentence that I quote in the beginning of this post indicates that depression is similar to a cancer. It means depression is an illness that has no cure. That is quite a strike, isn’t? I have never thought depression could be that deadly.

Looking back, I always thought that I was composed of a pile of sadness, a handful of bitterness and some sprinkles of rejection. It made me a depressed person. I think I still think I am. I wake up every morning thanking God for another day I will have. And I lie down every night thanking God for another day I enjoyed. But I welcome if one day, I wake up in another world. I dont know whether one day depression would kill me, or obesity. Both have equal chances, sadly. But I am glad people are more aware of it now.

Written by Vallaura

July 21, 2017 at 8:19 PM

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