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Korean restaurant Miga

Gammel Kongevej 33, 1610 København, Denmark

I celebrated my first Friday of 2019, Gangnam Style. 🇰🇷 Having two beautiful South Korean girls as good friends is an amazing experience. We headed to Miga restaurant in slightly west area of Copenhagen.

It is known that Miga is THE most non-economic-consuming korean dining experience in Copenhagen, hence, Gangnam style. 😎 To be honest, it is just A restaurant. It is not A Michelin Star restaurant like Noma, etc. So, a poor teacher like me, of course, could still use my coins to pay. 💶💳. It opens for lunch, midday to 15.00. That is a good news, since some others only open for dinners, 17.00-22.00.

We were the only one there. And my friends spoke freely in their beautiful language, resulting on-the-house dessert drinks! That’s what I am talking about! Kamsahamida! 😝

I ordered spicy pork bulgogi. It came with seasonal vegetables (seaweed salad, bean sprouts and kimchi) and a bowl of rice. It was 180kr. And it was insanely good! 🤤 If I were without shame, I would order extra bowl of rice. But of course, being a lady, I stopped from doing extra carbo-loading. 🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 My friend ordered a kimchi soup. I had no how it tasted. But she looked nothing that purely satisfied. 👌🏻

All in all, I would gladly recommend this restaurant for you, korean food lovers. I love it. My korean friends said it was very good. The location is central. And the service was neatly attended (since we were just two guests in total at that hours). I have also tried SSAM, Seoul and Koppan Rice. Price wise, Miga is as expensive as SSAM, if not just by 10-20kr more. Seoul is fairly cheap for an all you can eat place, but native korean said it is not real korean food taste. While Koppan Rice could also be considered as cheap but with smaller serving portion. SSAM also serves small portion too. All are in good location, fairly to the the city center except for Seoul, especially for Koppan Rice.

Enjoy your first weekend in 2019! Be happy! Eat more!

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