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Constantly revise your conclusions.

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It was my iphone-me-time when I encountered masterclass commercial on youtube. This time, it was not Gordon Ramsay. She was actually a rather old and peculiar woman, offering online class on being a writer. And she took my attention greatly. She said, if I thought I was a writer, maybe I am. Interesting.

One video leads to another, I ended up listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s top ten rules for success. He is, of course, my favourite writer, need to be noted. While, I ended up on number 4, I managed to turn on my laptop and start writing this blogpost.

Malcolm Gladwell’s top ten rules for success. They include:

  1. Have the courage to pursue your idea.
  2. Try a new approach.
  3. Believe in meaningful work.
  4. Constantly revise your conclusions.
  5. Distinguish yourself from others.
  6. Practice.
  7. Explore.
  8. Be patient.
  9. Understand the rules of business.
  10. Outwork others.

No. 4. Constantly revise your conclusions.

Have someone ever told you to constantly revise your conclusions? If no one had, then let me be the one who does it for you. It is the wisest thing one could possibly do in one’s life, in my opinion. Mr. Gladwell, is, as most times, right again.

ponderingLife is so fluid. So many philosopher of life tried to form and define what life is and what entails in life are. And yes, some of them managed to construct the theory of life, happiness and all. But not all of those theorema is adaptable to this constantly changing modern life. And as we go through this course of life, the best way to go through it, is, to constantly revise your conclusion of life. It is just a self-defensive mechanism. At least, it is for me.

There are so many, many, oh so very many, conclusions that I have made in life. Only God knows how many. And these conclusions have became my standards of life, if you could say, my values or my beliefs, even. So, over time, I got problems, difficulties to actually see that life does not always go by these set of belief that I have. One example, if I am being loyal, I will rewarded for my loyalty. Nul point there. If I do good, I will get good karma. Nul point there too. So, when I keep on encountering these nul points in my life, I question myself. I question my life. What is actually went wrong with me and life?

What is actually went wrong with me and life? 

And that is exactly where, I made a mistake of understanding life. I have drawn wrong conclusions of life. And I live by them religiously without revising them or even open for correction. O.. such an arrogant wannabe-wise woman I am. That is exactly where, life hit me hard. And got it pretty bad.

Now, they call me that I am old. Simply because now I understand that all those years of youth where I thought I had figured how to run this life out, is all complete nonsense. Noone figures out how to run life. We don’t. We hope to be found wise at the end of life. But before it ends, we just have to constantly revise our conclusions.

Written by Vallaura

January 27, 2020 at 9:28 PM

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