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this is my first tap on my wordpress. what does it mean? well, it simply means aside from typing i will be tapping aswell.

my ipad 2

i take this opporrtunity as a rewarding myself a conselation “bought-self” prize. so many things had happened to me in a short first three months of this year. failed in getting scholarship, lost of a dog, and a broken friendship are to name few. i’m not surprised that by November 2012 i have experienced my own armageddon.

i dont know how owning a new gadget could change my life course to a better one. gadget has no power in doing so, only God has. but somehow, i have this gadget on my hand and i’m planning to use it for a greater cause. or, at least bigger than just tweeting and updating facebook status.

so, here we go…

btw, Happy Seclusion Day for all my Hindustan friend. may the time to seclude from worldly things bring you closer to God. the true living God. amen.

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March 22, 2012 at 3:26 PM

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