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1. Singapore

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Singapore was so different in night view. I arrived around 9 PM singapore time. changi was still crowded. Arrival immigration terminal was packed with people with sleepy eyes. I looked at the residents and citizens line and then stared at “all passports” line and I could not help but envy. Life is so damn easy for them, especially when I remember that their passports are accepted in most part of the world without visa.


Got my luggage and headed to the exit to realize I forgot which way the MRT was. Double sigh. Quickly I browsed and found out that I had to use the sky train to Terminal 3 then go to Basement 2 and take the MRT there. Easy, I said to myself. My mind wandered as if I am in the middle of some kind of Amazing Race minus the race. Hehehehe…. Not long, my thoughts were disturbed by the fact I needed to top up my EZ-Link card. ouch. I looked around and found the machine with an Indian lady supervising it. Gulp! She was not at all friendly looking lady. I dared my self to get familiar with the machine in seconds. Damn, where should I insert my money? And that lady ordered me to slide my money into a slot machine. 10 sgd was added to your card. Fyuuuhhh…. what a relief!

Okay. Now, I am on the MRT. I remember exactly that I needed to stop at Kallang station. And I did. To my horor, I got puzzled with the surroundings. And the first sign I saw was Geylang RD. And I recalled my friends said that it is The Red District in Singapore. Mamamia!

I asked a lady at nearby bus stop. She was friendly but not helpful. I tried asking a girl at Seven Eleven. She was not friendly as well as not helpful. Then I asked the ticket man. I actually wanted to approach him first, but he was busy with other passengers. Anw, he contacted his friends, I guessed, and told me that I should have stopped at Lavender Station instead of Kallang Station. Ay! So, I got up to the MRT station again, headed to Lavender station. Finger crossed!

Directly when I arrived at Lavender station, I approached the passanger man a.k.a ticket man. He was busy counting dollars. Ouch! It was 11 PM. The MRT services ended at 11PM. I better be right this time. And I was! The man was “very” Singaporean. He explained the direction to me in light speed. I was literally pushing through all my singlish ability to understand him. And what I heard was only “turn left”….”go straight”…”go up”… … …. “you won’t miss it”… … “H-O-…-…E” …”stadium”…”one of the road there”… OH MAN!

I followed his first two clear instructions that my brain catched. I saw Lavender street and Horne street and i did not know why I chose Lavender street. errr… perhaps because I saw some backpackers headed to that directions (?) Then I saw an Indian man headed toward me. I asked him the stadion. He said, just go straight and turn left on one of those streets. This better be right. It was already midnight and raining! I walked for 2 min and saw Fragrance Hotel Lavender. O-M-G! Finally I am on the right track. I walked following that Indian guy directions combined with some blur image of Singapore maps on my head and finally I found Tresor Tavern Hotel. The hotel!


Checked in without any problem, got a nice room and took a deep shower. Thank God!

Written by Vallaura

November 23, 2012 at 11:19 PM

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