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NH Villa, Bilbao, Spain

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This is the hotel where our program coordinator arranged for us to stay. And I have to say this to you. This is beyond expectation. It’s a treat. Especially for us, scholarship students who always have our budget tighten for every aspect of our lives. Since it was all paid by the university, I could not give objective review on this hotel. But my experience was excellent.

The rooms as you could see from the pictures were amazingly comfortable. The breakfast was excellent. Their service was fast eventhough on my first day I got one scrambled egg and one omelet. Both taste great, so I dont mind. No, Asian cuisine. Maybe that would be my negative side on their breakfast buffet. I wish there were some chicken porridge, rice, or noodles. But, nothing, all european food. Pity me!













IMG_6725We also had dinner, or so they called it. All served in tiny tiny portion. I forgot what do thye called that kind of food, finger food?

The taste were fantastic!

I had not idea what I was eating though but they were all delicious. Well, I remember I ate 2 cans of salads, some sort of bruschetta (?), tiny sandwiches, crackers with some toppings on top, spring rolls (I probably ate 15 of these), fried veggies or tempura and veggies skewers. Mostly vegetarian food, but they could pull the food so nice and delicous that even a meat eater like me could enjoy muching all of these tiny food. Hehehehe….

However…. since we were promised to have dinner, we were expecting for a real meal dinner. Not that we expect 3 course dinner, no, of course not! But we were hoping a table with plate, fork and knife, soup and heavy food. You know, real meal, real dinner. So, it was kinda a let down for us. But I dont know whose fault it was, the university or the hotel. In the end, me and some friends ended up eating some ribs and chicken wings in an American restaurant 5min walk from our hotel, Hollywood something. LOL. And it was great! 🙂

Written by Vallaura

November 23, 2014 at 11:06 PM

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