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How far have I been dragged to…

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I forgot when I took this photo. It was when I was younger and when I still had my blackberry. 😉 Yes, I could still remember that I took this photo with my blackberry who had long gone.

When I saw this photo, I patted myself at the back on how I had been continuing my life journey realizing those two books I was holding. I remember how low my self-esteem was that I needed to read “Who calls me beautiful”.  I was single-and still am-and a bit deperate-a lot more now-but eventhough I had not change my status-yet-I knew for sure that I didn’t need to read those kind of books anymore. I didn’t need to read book to explain that I was designed by God. Doh? Who else?

It is really nice to look back and see how God has dragged me all the way to where I am now. And I look forward to see where God is going to drag me to. 🙂

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