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Choose what you want

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When it comes to prayer, remember, becareful for what you prayed for.

So, I started praying for a guy for couple of weeks, ummhh maybe months. My head said I dont need to, because you could predict the future, but my heart refused to believe the prediction. And my friends, probably out of confusion just said a simple suggestion, pray for him. So I did.

Now, couple of months had passed, I kinda realized that the answer were here already. I did not pray a lot now if I tried to remember. I just prayed for all the best for him. And that he could grow into a man who fears and loves God more than anything else in this world.

As I long-distantly watched him, his life… how God moved him from a solitude place to a family home, introduced him to more godly people and used him to reach out more people, I also saw how God put me further further away from his future. Not only the distances parted us, but also the lives and future of us. People say pick your battle. That happens in prayers. Choose what you want. Do I want him to have all the best? Or do I want him for myself? It is just sad that the two could not be together.

I celebrate my heart brokeness knowing that he is growing to be a fine man and a husband for someone else. Another answered prayers that give up tears. Ten years from now, if I read this blogpost, I wonder…

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