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District Tonkin

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It’s a vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen which I really love, located in Dronningens Tværgade 12, 1302 København K (ph. 60888698).

I first went there with my vietnamese and chinese friends who were craving for some asian food. And since, our vietnamese friend really liked this the food at this restaurant, so we went there to try.

At first, we were planning to have the famous Pho. But unfortunately, Pho is only served 17.30-21-30. So, we could not wait… since we came around 15.00. And instead we tried other food that were also recommended.

Me and my friend order Bu Bo Nam Bo-oksekød. And, it tasted AMAZING!
It was some kind a dry noodle with beef and deliciously fresh vegetables. It was 96kr, slightly expensive, but no regret! My vietnamese friend ordered Banh Mi Dac Biet-traditionel. Something looked like a sandwich. She said it was exactly like the one from Vietnam. It was 62kr. Similar price with danish sandwich that you could find in any good restaurant.


This restaurant serves serious meal guys. The colors, the fragrance, the taste…. my tongue was dancing all the time 😉 We also tried a very delicious dessert… but I guessed we finished it before we could take any picture. :p

Few months after, I decided to take other friend to try the Pho there.

We went there right on time. The place was a bit crowded, but they served well. Pho is a little more expensive from the previous menu that I tried. I think Pho is around 120kr. You could costumized it by adding some more extra ingredients, written on the menu list. But without extra, it was delicious by itself. The meatballs were good kick for the hungry tummie.

I would highly recommend this place if you like Asian/Vietnamese cuisine. The best in Copenhagen!

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