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Tiptoeing to 2019

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Happy New Year to you all survivors out there! 🎉🥳❤️

Second day of this year, midday, and I am still on my pijama licking my fingers after having chicken wings for lunch, with rice of course. In a minute, I will be playing either or both Gardenscapes and Twenty. 📱 Yep. I am without shame one of those who are without New Year resolutions. 😛

I always wish that the coming year will be better than the previous one. But being 37, I realised long time ago that it will not be the case. So, wisely enough, I will wish that I have the strength and courage to embrace whatever that will come in the coming year, keeping my mind positive without oblivious of the wicked plan of fate and destiny. The saying goes to you all too fellow tiptoers. As we start the days of 2019, proceed with caution. 🚷

Godt nytår! Happy New Year! Selamat Tahun Baru! 💪🏻

Written by Vallaura

January 2, 2019 at 1:08 PM

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