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Abort! anyone?

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It was our 6th meeting of Christian Beliefs classes. Basically they were just session where we watched Wayne Grudem and then discusssed topics with people who came. Some of what said were not new science. The discussion was what made the sessions alive.

When we came to “What is man?” topic. We had an interesting discussion about abortion. A friend raised her hand and asked “Is it okay to have abortion? How will this applied to a woman who got pregnant because she was raped? Because if we keep the baby alive, that baby will be a constant reminder of that incident (when the mother raped). The mother might hate the baby. And instead of helping the baby to have a life, that baby will live in a hatred broken situation.”

Our moderator, one of our elder at church, suggested to give up the baby to good christian families who are willing to raise the baby in loving and christian ways. He then referred to Bible passage to the story about a blind man who had been blinded since he was born. When Jesus’ disciples asked whose sin is this, that made this man blind since he was born, Jesus answered that he was blinded that God’s power will shown unto him. And regarding to the out-of-wed-lock babies, he said that, even through these situations, God can shwo His power.

Then everybody’s happy… or not?

Another friend raised his hand asking permission to give his opinion. He basically agreed with what our elder said, but being exposed to data and number of cases of neglected babies, he had this sense of factual awareness. Data has shown him that the number of babies who were adopted by good christian families were very few. Due to a very few number of foster parents, some children will be given away to their closest immediate relatives who sometime not ready for an addition to the family. The rest will stay at foster house center, cared by the government yet still lacking of personal life-changing touch. These kids will grow up and after they reach certain age they are demanded to go on their own. Some of the suspected giving parts in the raise of criminal cases. Some of them vanished and went out of the picture. Only God knows what will happen to them. After my friend shared his knowledge of these facts, he said to us “maybe there’s no harm in letting babies die. Maybe there’s positive impact of committing abortion.”

I guessed some of us were shocked whether because of the date shared or because of his last statement. as for me, I am a very old fashion girl who holds old fashion values. For me, even saying a word ‘abortion’ is a crime against God already! Being shoved with these data was a torture for my moral states.

Our elder then responded, in essence, by stating that abortion is an act of taking someone else’s life. Even when that someone else is just 1 day old. The Bible, the source of our wisdom, clearly says that we should not kill or take someone else’s life. Hence, we are not to commit abortion. Regarding to the facts, data and research, we just have to leave it to God, trusting Him for whatever happen in this world. After that he reminded us that indeed the world will twist and turn your mind and ways of thinking and that’s why we need to keep watching and praying that we do not fall into tempation. That’s why we need to keep asking for wisdom each and everyday.

Abort, anyone? 😉

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